Learn to start online businesses by doing it.
No coding required.

Welcome to Launch MBA

We're a community of motivated makers learning to build profitable online businesses by doing it.

Some people learn best in a classroom surrounded by books.

We learn best on the job.

If that describes you, join us.

“You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
― Richard Branson

Our core beliefs

Your first few ideas will probably suck.

But they are necessary. We get you past them as quickly as possible.

Build, launch, and learn rapidly.

No perfectionists. We have a strong bias for action.

Even with a great idea, most businesses fail.

Accept this truth. Maximise your chances by launching more. You'll overcome your fear of failure and become more objective.

To do more, surround yourself with other doers.

That's where we come in.

How it works

12 in 12

Over 12 months you will launch 12 online products that each have the potential to become businesses. They will vary in size and complexity.


We will give you a calendar of proposed launch dates and suggestions for the type of products.

Learn & master

You'll start small, with a simple curation product. Each product will grow in complexity and potential as you learn.

You're in control

No technical skills are needed. You will build all the products with no-code tools, meaning you will understand how they are built and be able to maintain and update them.

No limits

You'll build up to a full software-as-a-service product, social network, or marketplace, either web-based or native mobile app.

Support and accountability

The community will support you at every step with advice, encouragement, and upvotes.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
– Benjamin Franklin

What type of things will I launch?


like The Angel Philosopher

Directory sites

like No-Code List

Mobile apps

like Chant

Email newsletters

like Growth Lessons

Social networks

like Cuppa


like Vidpops


like Maker Minions


like NuCode

What if I don't have any ideas?

It doesn't matter. We have a growing database of business ideas you can choose from, including how to build and market the product.

Do I need technical skills?

No. We use no-code tools which enable non-technical people to build apps and products quickly and at low cost. You'll learn this along the way. You're in for a treat!

What else do I get?

  • A personalised calendar of launch dates

  • A tailored curriculum of tutorials and resources on everything from ideas to building to marketing

  • Access to our online business ideas database

  • Support from our community of like-minded doers

  • Tutorials on building and launching products using no-code tools

  • Expert AMA sessions from successful entrepreneurs

  • Small maker groups for added accountability and support

  • Discounts on tools and platforms worth $000s

  • Advice on how to sell your projects

  • Collaborate or swap projects with other people in the community

What if nothing I launch works out? Will I have wasted my time?

By the end of the 12 months you will:

  • have launched more online products than 99% of entrepreneurs. You will be an expert. If one of your businesses hasn't already taken off, you can build an audience just writing about your experience.

  • know how to build anything from a quick website to a fully function mobile or web app using no-code tools. Use this to launch more ideas or become a freelancer or agency and build for others.

  • have a solid network of entrepreneurs from the community who will inspire and support you in future endeavours.

"Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do."
– Bruce Lee

Does it end after 12 months?

No, the community is here for the long-term. You are welcome to stick around and keep launching, or helping others.

How much does this cost?

Full price is $499 per year or $49 per month.

Early cohorts will receive significant discounts on the full price.

100% money back guarantee if you decide it's not for you within the first month.

Who's on the team?


Kieran Ball

Kieran (@nocodelife) is a startup founder, entrepreneur, and no-code maker. He loves nothing more than building and launching new ideas.

In the past 9 months he's built and launched 10+ online products.

He is passionate about encouraging others to do the same.

Community Manager

Harry Harrington

Harry (@nocodeharry) is an actor and no-code maker.

He's passionate about empowering non-technical people to learn tools to create their own unique spaces on the web.

Who are the experts?

Jens Lennartsson


Jens is the no-code marketing guru. There is nothing he doesn't know about email and Twitter marketing. He even wrote a book about it.

Sharath Kuruganty


Sharath is a shipping machine. He's launched more than 10 products in the last year, including The Angel Philosopher.

Andrew Davison


Andrew is a Zapier-certified expert in automation. He can and will automate everything you put in front of him.

Michael Gill


Michael, aka The Automation King, is a CTO, founder, prolific no-code maker, and investor. He's possibly the most productive person on the planet.

Max Haining


Max is the founder of #100DaysOfNoCode, the top no-code bootcamp. He's experienced in helping makers to turn their ideas into reality.

Joe Brown


Joe is co-founder of no-code community NuCode.co and director at No-Code Camp. He builds and ships consistently excellent products.

Where do I sign up?

Launch MBA is an invite-only community.

The first cohort of Launch MBA started in July 2020.

Further places will open up in the following months.

To apply for an invitation please complete the form below.

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